Day 11

Day 11 August 25, 2016

Yesterday, when we rolled into camp I found a nice tent spot with a nice bed of leaves that I was pretty excited about. After laying down in the tent I realize that the tent site was NOT level. So I shoved my clothes bag under my sleeping pad on the low side to kind of act like brakes and level things out. When you put a silky sleeping bag on a sleeping pad it’s like a slip and slide so I was a little worried, but I slept fantastic and didn’t have my normal hip soreness from sleeping on the ground. Normally I start out on my right side then roll to my back when that hip gets sore, then from my back I roll to my left side, to my back and back to my right side. This gets repeated several times throughout the night. But last night I hardly moved and woke up rested and ready to go.

We left camp at 7:30 am and completed 14 miles for the day. We had a great morning and I think we had a couple of miles of cruiser trail, which was a first. We were making great time until we hit another mountain than it was back to roots, rocks and lots of elevation change. We finely rolled into camp at 3:20 pm exhausted with sore feet and legs. As I rounded the front of the shelter I hear my name called, and there is Caraboose. She and I met online. We were both doing a Long Trail hike starting just a few days apart. Only she was hiking it south bound and I was hiking north bound. I was hoping I would see her out here and we are staying at the same shelter tonight.

We had some light rain today and really no sunshine. It kept things cooler which is nice on the hard climbs.
I stepped in a mud pit by accident today. It was disgusting! I could feel the mud soaking through to my sock. UGH! I’m also sad to say that wasn’t the only accident that I had. This one is kind of embarrassing, but I ran into a tree. A tree had fallen across the trail about head height and I was looking down watching where I was stepping and ran right into it. I had my visor on so it cushioned my head some so I wasn’t hurt, just my pride. Julie usually gives me a heads up warning, but she was far ahead of me.
We are staying in a shelter tonight, because we may get some more rain tonight. This is our third night staying in a shelter and every time it has been a full house. It is harder to sleep well with so many people. Someone is usually tossing and turning (these sleeping pads sound like you are laying on a bag of potato chips) or snoring.
So far all of the shelters that we have stayed at have a privy, but this is the first open one we have had. Usually when I use the privy I leave the door open, because they smell bad, but I don’t have that option on this one. This one is pretty aired out.

While Aunt Julie and I are laying in our sleeping bags getting ready to go to sleep we were looking at each others pictures that we had taken throughout the last few days and we just start giggling like high school girls when we see this picture. I am in some loaner clothes at The Long Trail Inn, while my clothes are in the wash. Most places that cater to hikers have clothes for you to wear while yours are in the wash.


3 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Hope the north is treating u well! We are relaxing at the Inn at Long Trail all day today! Great meeting u both and it will be so fun reading your blog now that I’m familiar with the hills you are hiking! We can both reminisce on the northern/southern sections of trail!

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    1. Hey Tam,
      It was great meeting you too.
      The north is hard!! We are taking our first and only zero today and have 9 days to finish the trail.
      We start Bolton tomorrow and have heard that there isn’t really any water to be had on the 9 miles climb up it. 😦
      Hope you and Bear Bait are well and enjoying your hike.


      1. Hi!!! Yes the north was hard! It surprised us too!!! We are in Manchester at The Green Mountain House for the night. Getting back on tom. We met an LT NoBo here who says they nickname for the LT is “the quitters trail”. Ha! I had a low point in the Breadloaf wilderness for sure! Congrats on getting over Camels Hump!!! Wishing u a safe and fun and clear hike up Mansfield!

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