Day 10

Day 10 August 24, 2016

Well the days surely aren’t getting any easier. Today was pretty rugged and I had some sore feet when we finished up the day at 4:30, completing about 14 miles. Usually I am recovered by the next morning and feeling good again. I’m hoping that my body continues to recover overnight.
We ate breakfast at the Inn this morning and it was delicious. It was a large serving and I couldn’t even finish it all. I packed out 2 slices of gluten free toast with jelly for my first snack of the day. Best thing about it was that it was complementary and we didn’t even know until we went to pay for it. What a surprise that was!

I’ve been thankful that I haven’t had any muscle soreness, all those squats and lunges I started 3 months ago have paid off. I probably should have worked on some balance exercises as well because some how I managed to fall off a boardwalk today. I’m really not sure what happened. I didn’t trip over my feet or anything I think I just walked off the boardwalk. Next thing I know I am on the ground kind of like an upside down turtle. The good news is I was able to get up with my backpack still on and I didn’t break anything. I hit my shoulder on something and it is a little sore. I think it’s just bruised.

This isn’t the walk that I fell off of but one similar to this one. I was lucky enough that the boardwalk I fell off of had a dry bed of leaves on either side to fall on.

We separated from the Appalachian Trail today and it was like going from a freeway to a back country road. We only saw a few hikers today. The Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail are the same trail for the first 105 miles into Vermont.

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