Day 9

Day 9 August 23, 2016

Today we climbed the second highest mountain in Vermont, Mt Killington. I think the climb would have been really fun without a 20+ lb. backpack on. It was a lot of climbing over rocks and tree roots on the edge of the mountain, but it warmed us up quickly, since it was in the upper 40’s when we woke up this morning. Once we reached the top there was a .2 mile side trail to the summit. Julie reach the top before me and proceeded up to the summit. It was a very steep climb up a lot of rocks and I made it most of the way up before calling it quits. My fear of hights was kicking in and I didn’t want to get hurt. When I an climbing over large rocks/ boulders my backpack can really throw me off balance so I don’t have a summit picture, but Aunt Julie shared her’s with me.

Even though today was only a 10 mile day it was pretty tough, because after going up the mountain you of course go back down the mountain. Going down is my least favorite. It is very rough on the knees. Then add in lots of roots and rocks and you have sore feet and knees.
We ended the day a 2pm at the “Inn at Long Trail” our destionation for today. Showers and laundry here we come!!! I have to admit that this 4 day section was much better than the first 5 day section we did. The weather was cooler so we weren’t getting as sweaty and sticky. Which helps a lot with body odor. I’m pretty lucky that I don’t sweat a lot, but some of the guys out here really smell BAD!!! I can smell them when they walk by or are just sitting across from you at the picnic table at a shelter. When we get to camp at night I wash down the best I can with a wet bandanna and wet wipes then put on clean clothes that I only wear to sleep in.

I am really enjoying my time out here. Life is pretty simple with minimal worries. There is really something to be said about living a minimalist lifestyle. I left home for 4 weeks with 2 bras, 2 pairs of underwear, 4 pairs of socks, 4 shirts and 4 bottom layers plus my camping gear. I usually bring more stuff on a weekend trip.

Our destination for the day. The Inn at Long Trail.
The trail went under this arched tree trunk.

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