Day 8

Day 8 August 22, 2016

Last night ended up being a full house in the shelter. Lots of hikers trying to avoid the rain. Julie had a horrible night and didn’t sleep well. She said the guy next to her had horrible gas and Johnny Walker who was sleeping next to me was snoring so loud that she and another guy sat up doing the night and were just laughing about it. I managed to sleep through it all. It was my lucky night!


Vermont has been so green. Lots of life to view out here. There’s been so many different mushrooms on the trail and today I was just fascinated with them.

I haven’t had many challenges as far as my fear of heights goes, but this suspension bridge gave me a fast heart rate. I very slowly made my way across and even managed to stop in the middle and take a picture.

The rain moved in about 5:30 pm and rained most of the night. I stayed toasty warm and dry in the shelter. I was up at 5:30am the next morning and it looked like the rain was done, but it was pretty chilly and stayed cool through the day. We left the shelter at 6:50 am our earliest start yet.


We had some pretty awesome views today and even walked through a little meadow of flowers. Julie told me the name of them, but I can’t remember what it was. They were tall, about shoulder height so it was kinda like walking through a corn maze.

After last night’s rain there were a few of these cute little guys on the trail.

Today was a long day of 15 miles and my feet legs and back were feeling it. I hope to rest well tonight and tomorrow we hit the town of Killington for resupply, showers and laundry. Wahoo!!! 🙂

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