Day 7

Day 7 August 21,2016
WOW! A whole week on the trail. It’s hard to believe I’ve been out here that long. It has been great! Aunt Julie and I have been hiking very well together. I do have to admit that she is a faster hiker than me especially around the roots and rocks. I think I could hang with her on what I call “cruiser” trail, no roots and rocks, but that’s it.

We started that day at 7:45 am, after Julie had to wait on me for about 20 minutes to finish getting ready. I just love to sit and enjoy my breakfast and not rush through it. I slept well last night and felt great this morning and the trail was really cruiser so we were moving along at a great pace, until we ran into a bunch of roots and rocks, than that was it for me I was whining like a baby.

Aunt Julie waiting for me to catchup.
Aunt Julie waiting for me to catch up.

We arrived at the shelter at 1:30 this afternoon. We planned a short day today because of some rain that was suppose to move in about 1pm, but it held off until 5:30pm.  The weather report we got while we were in the town of Manchester was calling for up to an inch of rain with winds 20+ mph. We wanted to make sure we got a spot in a shelter so we didn’t have to sleep in our tents in the rain. We didn’t want to be washed off the mountain in the rain. Total milage for the day was about 10 miles. We heard the rain should move out by 9am tomorrow and the day should be nice so we have a 15 mile day planned.

We had some spectacular views today. It makes those difficult climbs worth it.



We have met some really great people out here on the trail, and others that seem like they have smoked way to much weed and I mean WAY TO MUCH, like there aren’t any brain cells left. We are camped tonight at a shelter with two men who I would guess are in their 60’s and they are a hoot! One has a trail name of Johnny Walker(no he didn’t offer us any) and the other is Snake Doctor(which is a type of dragon-fly).

Things are going well for me. The first few days I had an area on my big toe that seemed like a blister to me. By the fourth day it started to improve. Then while we were in Manchester I picked up my new shoes that Jim mailed to Uncle Brian. Yesterday was the first day that I wore them and my Achilles tendon on my right foot was bothering me, but today was better. My knees bother me slightly on the down hills and they are pretty sore when I squat all the way down. My back also starts to bother me if we have hiked a while without taking a break. So nothing really major at this point.

2 thoughts on “Day 7

    1. Good to hear for you. Honey and I finished the trail yesterday (Friday Sept 8 after 25 days). We both finished without injuries just sore feet and knees. I wish you happy trails as well and hope you remain injury free.


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