Day 6

Day 6 August 20, 2016

Some how I slept through my alarm this morning. I didn’t sleep that well last night and ended up reading for a few hours during the night. We also left a window open in the room last night and out got pretty cold so I had my covers up over my head so I didn’t realize it was light out. I was still up in plenty of time to get ready for our 7:30am shuttle back to the trail. This was my first hostel experience and it was great. We got there around 3pm and there wasn’t very many other hikes there yet so we didn’t have to wait to use the laundry or shower, but we did have a full house.

We got to the trail head at 7:45 am and proceeded to eat mountains for breakfast. We had 2 big climbs today. Bromaly Ski resort was the first one. It was a fairly easy climb. The second one was not so easy. It was very steep with a sharp incline rather than gradual. Plus this was just before noon and it was a little warm, but I’m not going to complain. The weather today was great! It was a sunny beautiful day and we had very little muddy trail.

Today was a first for me…6 days on the trail. The longest I have been out is 5 days until today. The time is going by so fast, miles not so fast. The terrain is really rugged. It is the rocks and roots that are really getting me.

I got new shoes in my resupply and I was glad to keep them clean, but I don’t know how long that well last. I heard it is suppose to rain tomorrow. I had originally wanted to start the trail in these shoes but I had to order a new pair because the tread on my old pair was pretty worn and they didn’t come in on time.

I received my first trail magic today. It was from a couple of day hikers. The woman who gave the granola bar had thru hiked long trail a number of years ago with a 37 lb. pack. She saw me stretching my back after I had eaten lunch and I think she was thinking back to her hike and feeling sorry for me that I just had the carry my pack up Styles Peak(our hardest climb today).

We rolled into camp a 4 pm, or  I should say “I” rolled into camp at 4 pm, Aunt Julie was way ahead of me. She has a faster hiking pace than me. We finished the day with 14.8 miles for a total of 69.2 miles on Long Trail.

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