Day 5

Day 5 August 19, 2016

We had an amazing camp spot last night on Stratton Lake. We had a whole area to ourselves. The trail has been so busy with AT and Long Trail hikers we haven’t had any solitude at night. So this was a treat and we had a full moon.


Today was beautiful. The weather was pleasant and we knew we were headed into town today for laundry and showers. So there wasn’t much that could dampen this day.

This was our view while eating breakfast. We saw a beaver and loon while sitting there.


My Uncle Brian was picking us up today along one of the road crossings to bring us into town and dropping off our resupply to us. We hiked 11 miles by 1pm and timed things perfectly for meeting Uncle Brian. We had lunch at Firefly’s in Manchester,  then proceeded to make some stops before being dropped off at the hostel.

Spence Peak Shelter

The Green Mountain Hostel is the cutest place. Julie and I have our own room and everything is very neat and clean. We even get a free soda and pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, plus breakfast and a ride back to the trail.


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