I’m on my way…


This is it… My trip that I planned a year-and-a-half ago is finally here. I will be backpacking from Massachusetts to Canada following Long Trail in Vermont, approximately 280 trail miles. I can’t tell you how excited I am that this trip is finally here. I started packing my suitcase 3 weeks ago in anticipation. I have literally been counting down the days from way back when it was over a 160 days until the trip. I felt like a little kid counting down the days until Christmas.

For those of you wondering…No I will not be hiking alone!!! My awesome Aunt Julie with be doing the whole trail with me and my cousin Garett will also be with us for the first 5 days. Yes, I will be sleeping in a tiny one man tent. Yes, on the ground. Yes, in the middle of the woods. Yes, I will carry all my gear and food on my back in a backpack. I have made all my meals and dehydrated them. On the trail I just add hot water wait 20 mins for them to rehydrate then eat. Yes, I will shower and do laundry, but only every 3-5 days when I go into to town to pick up my food drops. No, I am not afraid of bears. Most just run away like deer when we meet. No, I will not be carrying a gun or even a knife.

Now I am off on an epic adventure!

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