Day 4

Thursday May 5, 2016

I don’t think it got as cold as we thought it would last night. When we woke this morning it was 56 degrees in the tent according to Jim’s altimeter watch. The day remained cold. It didn’t get much above the the 60’s and was windy which makes it difficult to stay warm. When we are ascending we get so warm and sweaty and you really don’t want your clothes to get wet from sweat so we would take our jackets off. Then when descending you start to get chilled so you put your jacket back on. We were dressing and undressing all along the trail today.


Lake Jocassee

We had some really challenging terrain today with lots of steep climbs. Some of them putting me into a minor panic mode. I wished I had gotten some pictures of the steep stair climbs we did today, but my focus was 100% on ascending or descending safely.

Virginia Hawkins Falls

We hike about 12 miles before stopping to break for lunch at 1:30pm. We just couldn’t find many good places to eat out of the wind. We finely stopped at an amazing waterfall overlook (Virginia Hawkins Falls) to eat but didn’t stay longer 40 minutes before we got to cold and needed to move on.


There were so many amazing bridges along the trail. In the picture above is a 225 foot long suspension bridge. We have already crossed two other shorter suspension bridges. Some of the bridges were completely made out of  trees that had been cut in half or limbs from the trees.

I’ve discovered that I function much better with a long lunch break. I  just need to give myself a good rest and refuel well. Since I didn’t get that today at our  lunch break I made Jim stop again a couple of miles down the trail. I finished my lunch that I didn’t get to eat all of at our lunch stop and brush my teeth. I also got to clean out the trail debris from my shoes. Again! This has become a multi day occurrence. At a stop this morning I took off my shoes, removed the debris,  brushed off my socks and put my shoes back on.  WHAT THE…I say to myself??? I could still feel debris, but everything looked clean so I took off my socks and they were loaded with debris. My shoes and socks had the look of a kid who had been playing in a sandbox!!!

This is our three man tent. We originally started out with a two man tent, but quickly got rid of that for something bigger.
This is our three man tent. We originally started out with a two man tent, but quickly got rid of that for something bigger.

We hiked another mile and found an awesome camp site so we decided to stop a little early  so we could enjoy a campfire tonight. This is our first camp fire on the trail.  It was a great nigh for a fire. It really cooled off tonight. I think it is going to be a COLD night.

We ended the day early at 15 miles. We saw another couple backpacking,  two solo woman backpacking and two day hikers throughout the day today.
Not only did Jim make me an awesome campfire,  but also treated me to a…drum role please…WARM BATH!!! Of course it was done hiker style…hot water and a bandana, but it was PURE BLISS!!! This guy loves me and treats me like a queen sometimes. I  love this guy and…he looks so sexy because he hasn’t shaven in a week and is all scruffy looking.

2 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. What a beautiful trail! So many cool bridges and waterfalls. I’m glad to hear that Amy isn’t whining any more and that Jim is taking good care of her (and lookin’ sexy, too). Train her well, Jim. I’ve got 3-4 weeks on the trail with her this summer. She’ll be bringing her old Aunt Julie a hot bath after a hard day on the trail, right?

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