Day 1

Monday May 2, 2016

Here we are at the start of the trail.

Today turned out to be a beautiful day. All that worry about rain for nothing. The day was sunny and warm. A little too warm for hiking. I would guess that it was in the low 80’s.
We were up early. Well I was up early. Jim took advantage of not having a charter today and stayed in bed a little longer. We arranged to have a shuttle driver meet us at Table Rock State Park. This is where we will leave our car and finish the trail. Taz (our shuttle driver and trail angel) was there waiting for us and he had trail magic for us in the form of homemade alcohol stoves-one for each of us. I’ve been thinking that I wanted to switch over to an alcohol stove because  it is lighter then the propane canister stove that we have.  Now I can try it and see if I like it. Thanks, Taz.
For those of you who don’t know, trail magic is items given, left or favors done for hikers along the trail. It could be a water cache, cooler of water, soda, or beer. Sometime it could be a container of food items or even fresh fruit. Some trail angels (the ones leaving the trail magic) will have tarps and chairs set up and actually be cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner for you. It can get really elaborate and turn around a hikers mood when they are having a bad day.

Fun selfie before starting the trail.

We saw a deer shortly after we started out hike this morning. Jim said it was a doe. This was the first time we have seen a deer while hiking.

We covered about 15 miles today. I was quite tired when we finelly stopped for camp. Jim is an animal when he hikes. It means less time on the trail  sleeping in a tent for him. He can see a shower and comfy bed at the end and just focuses on that. I didn’t think he was ever going to stop today.  I bet I’ll sleep well tonight.
We saw 5 other people on the trail today.  One was a woman hiking solo and she looked to be in her 60’s. I was amazed how good she looked late in the day. Jim and I were sweaty messes and breathng hard and she looked like she just started.

The Chattooga River. We camped along this river.

We are camping along the Chattooga River tonight and spent a lot of the day hiking along the river. It is really beautiful. Camping along the river also gave us the opportunity to take a bath,  but I chose the sponge bath option the water was really COLD.

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