Long Trail

Wednesday March 2, 2016

I should be starting my Long Trail adventure on August 15, 2016 with my Aunt Julie. We decided to do this trail together a year ago and we still have 5 more months to wait before hitting the trail. I’m getting anxious to hike especially since my last hike got cut so short with my accident. August can’t get here soon enough!

When I was in Vermont in August 2014 for our family reunion, Julie took me on a number of day hikes in the area and I fell in love with hiking. As we were on these hikes I saw numerous people out backpacking and I knew I wanted to try it. So being the extremest that I am, when I got home I found an outfitter about an hour away and purchase all the gear I would need and started backpacking. My first 3 day trip was planned 2 months later on the Appalachian trail in North Carolina. After this trip I was hooked! Thank you Aunt Julie for introducing me to hiking!

Aunt Julie has always wanted to hike the entire trail and has just been doing day hikes up to this point, but there are some sections of trail that are to long to do in a day so I suggested we do the whole trail end to end together. She was really excited about it so we made plans to do it. This is something she has wanted to do for a long time and I just want to hike for the adventure of it.

The Long Trail is a 273 mile footpath, following the main ridge of the Green Mountains from the Massachusetts-Vermont line to the Canadian border as it crosses Vermont’s highest peaks. I have to admit that some of those mountains make me pretty nervous since I have a fear of heights. One of the hikes Julie took me on during the reunion was Mount Mansfield which is part of long trail and I confess I did have a minor panic attach while trying to climb to the summit, but Aunt Julie coached me through it and I made it. I just had to be rescued at the top by Uncle Brian (aka My Hero) because I wasn’t going to hike back down it…too scary. On each hike I go on I seem to do better and better with the heights so I am hoping with my experience it will continue to improve.

Aunt Julie and I on our hike up Mt Mansfield. Aug 2014

3 thoughts on “Long Trail

  1. It sounds like an exciting adventure! …and it’s so nice that it’s something you and your Aunt will be sharing together. I’m starting my thru hike of the Appalachian Trail at the end of the month. There are lots of things that scare me if I think about them too much, but I know the strength will come when I need it. I know it will be the same for you. 🙂


  2. Whoohoo, Amy! I can’t wait to get started on this adventure and can’t think of anyone I’d rather share it with. Those mountains don’t have a chance of defeating two strong Wolfe women. Look out Long Trail, here we come!!


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