Wrist update

Sunday December 13,2015

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my splint was removed. It seems I have taken a huge leap in healing. I am surprised how fast things are moving along now that the splint is gone. I was a little worried at first because everything was so tight, but seems to be loosening up quickly. I went into the dental office on Friday to cleaned Mom’s and Jim’s teeth and things went well. The wrist just seemed a little tired afterward, but no pain so I was pleased with that. I will add in some short days at work to build my strength then return to work full time the first of next year.

The swelling is still there but the OT girls tell me it could last 6 mos.
8 weeks after surgery.

We are having very unusually weather for December so Jim and I took advantage of the beautiful day yesterday and went walking along Bulow Trail. Unbeknownst to us the trail was hosting a 50K run so we got to cheer on the hot and sweaty runners. I’m sure these runner were hoping for cooler weather when they signed up for this race.

Although this trail looks good in this picture there were some pretty muddy sections. I’m sure some of it was caused from the high traffic of the race.
View along the trail.

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