Freezing in Vermont

Thursday December 3, 2015
I was up early this morning to catch a flight to Vermont. My favorite Aunt Julie and Uncle Brian bought me a ticket to come up and visit with them. I didn’t realize it would be a work for stay kind of visit.šŸ˜› As soon as I’m off the plane Aunt Julie whisks me off to the Green Mountain Club where she does volunteer work.

Hard at work at the GMC.
Hard at work at the GMC.

We had easy work…just stuffing envelopes. Although there were almost 900 of them!!! We were late getting there because of my flight so most of the work was done before we got there. I had only an hour of work before we breaked for lunch and about an hour after lunch. I have to admit it was pretty great, everyone in the room was a hiker. So I got to learn more about the long trail that Aunt Julie and I will be hiking next year together.

Built by the Green Mountain Club between 1910 and 1930, the Long Trail is the oldest long-distance trail in the United States. The Long Trail follows the main ridge of the Green Mountains from the Massachusetts-Vermont line to the Canadian border as it crosses Vermont’s highest peaks. It was the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail, which coincides with it for one hundred miles in the southern third of the state.

Although the Long Trail is known as Vermont’s “footpath in the wilderness,” its character may more accurately be described as backcountry. As it winds its way to Canada, the Trail climbs rugged peaks and passes pristine ponds, alpine bogs, hardwood forests and swift streams. The Long Trail is steep in some places, muddy in others, and rugged in most. Novice and expert alike will enjoy the varied terrain of the trail as it passes through the heart of Vermont’s backwoods.

With its 273-mile footpath, 175 miles of side trails, and nearly 70 primitive shelters, the Long Trail offers endless hiking opportunities for the day hiker, weekend overnighter, and extended backpacker.

Then we were off to the grocery store.Ā  I planned to make them a spicy sausage and lentil soup that IĀ  love for dinner.Ā  Since today was a cold and rainy day, it would be perfect. I believe it was only in the mid 30’s. There was a chance for snow, but I never saw any. Bummed about that!

My wrist seems to be doing better. The swelling had gone back down to where it was before the splint came off and I started moving it. It also seems like the mobility is a little better. It may have been all those envelopes I stuffed. šŸ˜‰

Morning sunrise from the plane.

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