Tuesday December 1, 2015


I had my splint removed yesterday which makes me very happy. It was really uncomfortable, but it also gave me a sense of security. Now that it is gone I still find myself being a little to cautious with my right hand. I am not use to using it. I have very little range of motion. The tendons are so tight and the muscles so weak. The OT girls have given me more exercises to do and increased the repetitions from 10 to 15. This equals about an hour of heat, massage, and exercise 3 times daily. How could I possible get bored with all this exercise? It’s like training for an Ironman again.

I drove my car for the first time yesterday. When I got in and tried to start the car nothing happened. I knew Jim has driven it for me so the battery shouldn’t be dead. So it couldn’t be the battery. Then I realized that all the lights were on so I tried to start it with my left hand and it started right up. I didn’t have the strength in my right hand to start the car! I thought I shouldn’t be driving, but away I went.

The doctor said I am about 60% healed after looking at the xrays and gave me the go ahead to go back to work when I am ready. I also got permission to start running again, but was advised to take it really easy because it can make the inflammation worse. So first thing this morning I was out running again, but only ran a few short blocks a few times during my morning walk. It is a start to getting things back to normal.

I am now the owner of a carbon fiber plate and 9 screws.
I am now the owner of a carbon fiber plate and 9 screws.



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