Tuesday November 3, 2015

I’m starting to see some sunshine. I have not been for any more midnight walks. I walk before bed than again upon rising and it seems to be doing the trick. Granted my morning walks are sometimes at 4 am, but I am sleeping mostly through the night. Plus Mom is back from her vacation and has given me some awesome massages.

I am now able to do some little stuff with the fingers on my right hand. I managed to tie my shoes this morning and am able to grasp things very lightly with my fingers.  I even managed to use the swiffer in the dining room. As you can tell from the picture with working six days a week I don’t do this very often.


I met with my occupational therapist yesterday and was give some hand exercises to do. After we left the office, Jim told me he almost busted out with laughter while we were there because the therapist asked me over her shoulder while she was behind me making some adjustments to my splint “how is the fisting going” as I was currently going through the exercises she gave me to do. I just shook my head. I think men always have something sexual going on in their minds. I do love that guy.

I hope to continue to post updates with improvement to my condition.

Pain, Pain, Pain

Saturday October 31, 2015

I had a Dr’s appointment yesterday to have the sutures removed and WOW was that painful. It was two long sutures that ran the length of the incision so it was a long way for them to be pulled out. Plus one of them got caught on something under the skin and broke. The nurse warned me it would be painful so I didn’t even watch, but Jim was brave and watched. He said the tissue bunched up like an accordion as the nurse was trying to pull it out. So I still have part of a suture below the tissue that should work its was out in the future. That was an ordeal for both of us and we were both feeling a little queasy after that.


After that appointment I went over to see the occupational therapist to have my removable splint made. This splint I will wear basically 24/7 for the next 4 weeks while things heal. I can remove it to shower only. It was really disheartening to see how swollen my wrist was and this splint is shorter than the last one so I could see some bruising also.


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