Who’s tired?

This little pooch is worn out. He’s done over 6 miles a day for the last 4 days.

Sunday November 22, 2015

Yesterday when we stated hiking it was in the low 40’s only getting up to the mid 50’s. I was dressed warn enough except for my hands. It is impossible to get my mitten on my right hand because of the splint. So I just kept my right hand in my pocket most of the day, but it wasn’t enough. Once we got back to the car I couldn’t straighten some of my fingers because things had stiffened up so much. I can see the weather is really going to be a problem for me. I had trouble with cold hands and feet before the accident now I’m really going to have to be careful. Today I plan to put the mitten on first and the splint over it. I’m frustrated with all the stiffness in my hand. I have been great with doing my exercises and applying heat. My occupational therapy girls make it sound like things will improve more once I got the OK to remove the splint and start moving my wrist.


Mom as had some struggles out on the trail too. She has trouble with her feet on uneven ground. We have planned short hikes, but when she gets out there she is just loving it so much she doesn’t want to turn around. Yesterday when we got to our planned turn around point she wanted to keep going. So we agreed to hike on looking for a good spot to eat our lunch. Mom found a good spot with a log to sit on in the sun. So we enjoyed our beef stew which was no longer hot (old thermos). After lunch Mom still wanted to hike on but I suggested we hike back to where we started and if her feet still felt well we could do the other direction on the Bartram Trail. At the end I think she was glad we did. Her feet were really bothering her. I patted myself on the back for that decision. In the end we had gone 6 miles. The night before she said she didn’t want to go more than 5 miles because of her foot pain. Our actual hike planned for yesterday was 4 miles. What a good team we make taking care of each other. I love you, Mom. I’m glad you are enjoying hiking so much. I love being able to spend time with you doing something we both love. I just wish the arthritis wouldn’t bother you so much.


Super impressive–Dick’s Creek Falls

Today we hiked to Dick’s Creek Falls on the Chattooga River and it was really GRAND! You’ll have to ask me to see the video of it. We also hiked a small portion of the Bartram Trail again. The weather temperatures were about the same as yesterday, but it didn’t seem as cold. Maybe we were out of the wind more. Anyway I did wear my mitten under the splint,  my hand stayed warm and at the end of the hike I could still straighten my fingers.

Hey Babydoll, look I found some game tracks. Thought you would be proud of me.
View of today’s trail.



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