A beautiful day

Friday November 20, 2105

Today started with having to wake these two lazy bums. They were so cute!


Then we were off to the…

to hike a small portion of the Chattooga National Wild and Scenic River Trail. The trail was great and very easy for me since I have to be really careful. I have a new appreciation for using 2 trekking poles when hiking, since I am currently just using one. It is much easier to use 2 rather than one. I did have one obstacle to climb over today. A fallen tree on the trail that trail maintainers are still working on to remove.

We stopped for lunch along the river and were able to see some of the rapids that are popular with kayakers.20151120_114605

It was truly a very beautiful day with great weather and beautiful views. Plus I just love to go for a walk in the woods. We hiked about 9 miles today and are thinking of just doing a shorter day tomorrow. Mom’s feet are aching and Berkley is exhausted.

20151120_173024 20151120_172743 20151120_130233

Lunch time break enjoying the sunshine.
Lunch time break enjoying the sunshine.




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