I’m a Lefty!

Sunday November 15, 2015

Well my third splint isn’t so great. It is still causing me a lot of pain. When I try to move my fingers it just causes everything in my arm to flex and the splint feels like a vice grip on sore bones. It has been almost 4 weeks since surgery and I wish I could say things were better. Progress is very slow coming. I am continuing to do my exercises at least 3 times daily, but each time I start I have to work through the stiffness that has build back up. I can actually feel the stiffness of the tendons in my fingers pulling as I try to move them. I do have a couple of new exercises to work on. Since my thumb is in a parallelized state and I can’t get it up to hitch hike (which you need to be able to do on a thru-hike), this is one of the new exercises. Get that thumb up! The next is to be able to rotate my arm from the elbow into a palm up position. I can’t believe I can’t do this, the other arm rotates so easily. I have a long haul ahead of me. My last occupational therapist said it would most likely be a year  until I got all my strength back. They paint a must more realistic picture than the Dr did. In all truthfulness I only asked the Dr when I would be able to go back to work not when I would be 100%. So when I do make it back to work it sound like I will experience quite a bit of pain and swelling.

On a better note my back and shoulder are better and I no longer need daily massages to make it through the day. I’m even sleeping through the night on a regular basis now. I just wish these advances were coming faster.

I have adapted really well to using my left hand for everything. I can even write with it and ate with chopsticks last night. I still can’t drive or cut my own food, but for the most part I am self sufficient.

I get asked a lot if I am bored and I have to say a definite NO! After working almost 6 days a week for the last couple of years my house kind of reminds me of Sanford and Son… junk everywhere!sanford and son photo: watch it sucka untitled3.jpg

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