Rainbow Smile

I’m hoping this is a hint of things to come. My nights have been getting better. I’ve even completely slept through one night so far. I was so excited I woke Jim up at 5am just to till him. He just mumbled something I couldn’t quite understand. I’m in less pain with my shoulder and back and it’s mostly just sore to the touch now.


I had another visit with the occupational therapist today. I had my third splint made. The splints have been painful and I am unable to wear them correctly. They had been pressing on the wrist bones and I can’t stand to have anything touching the bones. The OT girls have been really great with me. My new splint is not painful, but it is also not comfortable. I think this is going to be as good as it gets and I just need to suck it up. Since I was the only one in the OT room today I was able to talk to the therapist more about my treatment. We will continue with massage, exercising and stretching the fingers until week 6. Then I will start wrist movement for the following two weeks then at week 8 I will start with strengthening my grip. The Dr guessed I would be able to go back to work at 8 weeks so I’m hoping he is right. That is what I have told my employers. I also asked about the swelling because my wrist looking like a round pipe without any shape to it  at all and she said the swelling can last 6 months. WHAT???




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