Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow

Thursday October, 29, 2015

I’ve had some really bad days these last few days. I can understand why people do drugs and commit suicide…PAIN!!! I have gone 5 days without a shower and am lucky to get my teeth brushed once a day. Those who know me may be shocked by that, since I am always brushing my teeth. Yesterday I weighed in at whopping 109.4 lbs and that is with 2 pints of ice cream in my belly from Jim trying to cheer me up. I feel like I have hit the bottom of a shit hole and I am ready to get the F out of here.

I had a visit with my Dr. yesterday and he told me that the pain I’m having is from the tourniquet that was placed on my upper arm during surgery. The pain is not in my wrist. It’s in my upper arm. It feels like I have a dagger sticking in my deltoid muscle along with muscle twitching and numbness. I also found out that along with my plate I have 9 screws in my tiny wrist. How is that even possible?

On the bright side I will have the splint and sutures removed tomorrow. This makes me so happy. The sutures are starting to itch and the splint is terribly uncomfortable. Plus I haven’t washed my hand or arm in 2 weeks. I also have an appointment to have a removable splint fitted tomorrow, which should make it much easier to shower. I believe I will have to wear this for 6-7 weeks and I should be starting physical therapy soon as well.

Ok I am done with my pity party. I would like to say how thankful I am for my wonderful husband, Jim. He has been amazing, always trying to put a smile on my face and doing so much for me. He has mastered making organic juices for me and he makes my raw cookies just as good as I do. Thank you, baby. I love you.


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