Surgery is needed

Monday October 19, 2015
Jim and I decided to drive back home Sunday night after we were able to get Dr. Rosenbaum an orthopedic surgeon from home to look at the x-rays of my wrist and he recommended survey. So we left NC at 9 pm last night and called this morning to see if we could get an appointment with Dr. Gay. He get us right in. The wrist is fractured and displaced which will require surgery with a plate and pins. I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow at 1pm. It should be about a 8 week recovery period. The first 2 weeks in a cast then the last 6 weeks in a removable splint. I will continue to keep you posted.

Jim is taking great care of me although he is terrible at styling my hair.
Jim is taking great care of me although he is terrible at styling my hair.

4 thoughts on “Surgery is needed

  1. Oh, what a horrible thing to happen, but how dare you! I have an appointment with you on Nov. 4th, but like you say…shit happens! Dr. Gay is a miracle worker, so by now you should be well on the mend — stay well, my friend and I will see you soon.


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    1. Hey Ginger,
      Yeah this really sucks and is very painful. Dr. Gay has been great. I called his office at 9am Monday morning and he got me in at 10:30 and did surgery the next day. As you know Mom use to work at the hospital and this is who she wanted me to see. She called the hospital on Sunday and was able to find out that Dr. Rosenbaum was the orthopedic surgeon on call and we were able to email him a copy of the x-rays to see if I would need surgery or not. He was so kind to look at them for us and give us his opinion. He even stopped in see me while I was there Monday. Isn’t that awesome!
      Thank you for the well wishes.


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