Got my ASS kicked

10.14.15     15 miles
After waking up this morning and taking note of all the body parts I felt surprisingly well. I have some soreness in my calf muscles and my hip bones are slightly bruised from my hip belt but I think I have figured out the hip belt problem. I am really happy with how well my feet feel. I have to give a shout out to Jonathan at Outdoor 76 for getting me some great hiking shoes. Jim and I went in before starting our hike with some questions out foot problems that we’ve been experiencing and realized our problems were our current shoes. Thanks again Jonathan. Jim has some sore muscles, but his feet are good and that’s what we were worried about.

I’m glad I felt so well this morning because we had a lot of elevation to climb this morning. It was  an ass kicker. Parts of the trail were all rocks and you were just walking from one rock to the next. Which makes things pretty slow going.   Take a look at the profile below to see what we  did.Screenshot_2015-10-14-20-03-00

We were rewarded with some great views. My camera on my phone doesn’t take the best pictures so these don’t look as good as seeing it here.20151014_20100720151014_201047


The trees are just starting to get some color and walking along the trail is really beautiful. The trail is covered in the leaves that have fallen. That also means you have to be cautious because you don’t know what is under the leaves and the leaves can be really slippery when wet.

20151014_144338 20151014_143936

By the end of the day I was feeling pretty good after everything we had done today. I felt much better this afternoon over yesterday.

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