Day 3

Raven Cliff Falls 5 miles

Mom had a little fall yesterday as we were coming down the trail and hit her knee on a rock. We iced it and were going to see how it was in this morning. After testing it out she thought it would be fine so we hit the trail about 8:30  after getting a little lost. Sometimes trailheads are difficult to find.

This trail was truly amazing. It was easy to walk on and followed a river all the way up to the falls. There were also a few smaller falls along the river to enjoy as we walk up. It was really beautiful with many awesome campsite along the way. Mom even picked out a camp site she liked thinking she may want to give camping a night out a try. WOW! I was really shocked to hear this, but maybe I shouldn’t have been since I got another 5 thank yous today for bring her out here.

On our way back down the trail we must have passed about 70 people heading up. We were shocked at the number of people on the trail and even more shocked when we saw the overflowing parking. But it is a holiday weekend and was a nice day to be outside.






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